After it rains, the snails emerge. The path is perilous and their shells are fragile. They move slowly and silently across the landscape. "SOS: Save Our Shells" is an intervention on behalf of snails. It calls upon the viewer to slow down and pay attention to what is unseen in the urban wilderness.

Daniel Ranger is a sixth-grader in Toronto with a keen interest in environmental issues. He has participated in several Bioblitzes, working alongside biologists to collect and catalogue species in the Humber River, Credit Valley, and Don River watersheds. This is Daniel's first public art installation. Follow @blackboughstudio on Instagram for updates.

Daniel is honoured to be included in Grow Op and thanks the Grow Op curators Christine Leu, Alan Webb, and Lukus Toane, for the opportunity. Daniel is grateful to artists Vivian Wong and Peyton Leung for their guidance, and members of the Origami Society of Toronto for their snail contributions. And many thanks to friends Hannah, Jack, and Kate for their support at the show!

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